Country Dating

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Country Dating

Declan placed a huge plate of bacon, eggs and toast in front of us and we began to eat. We had some small talk about last nights events, mostly about how much of a bitch Chloe was and how drunk Ali got. He also asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with him and the rest of his friends tomorrow, which I readily agreed to as I hadn’t gotten a chance to go down since I had come to Marissa’s. Coach and…Jason Martin laughed. “Oh. Claire,” I answered. “Yeah we know.” a girl said, giggled, “I’m Katie and this is my best friend Cindy.

” It is then that I wake up from the spell and collapse on the ground. There is a series of footsteps, and then warm hands lifting me from the ground. Another hand wipes the mud off my face. “What’s wrong with her? Collapsing all the time, it’s ridiculous,”Yi snorts, and I realize he is the one touching me. “Oh, it was easy,” Chloe said. “I hacked your e-mail and sent them a pleading, groveling message begging them to come and promising them ice cream.

You should go order some of that, by the way. Sorry, forgot to warn you.” My Alpha wolf coming out. Before I could turn the knob a strong arm wrapped itself around my waist and pushed me on the bed. I sat up and wrapped my arms around Liam’s neck and pulled him closer to me until are lips were a mere inch away. I closed the space between are lips and kissed him on the lips while his arm re-wrapped itself around my waist. He pushed his body closer to mine trying to close the space between us. Closer, closer, closer until we were pushed up against each other, and are bodies couldn’t move anymore. I nearly pushed Jason over the cliff when he stopped walking, due to my distracting thoughts.

I rolled my eyes at him and he grinned.

“So,” he said, still stroking my head in gentle, soothing motions, “how was your weekend?” “ awe you guys! Little Ty here is going to be a freshey!” Troy said in a baby voice.

I elbowed him in the ribs, and he groaned and loosened his grip on me, and I walked around him and grabbed my skateboard and slipped on my converse and opened the door to leave, but then someone shut it form behind me.

Country Dating