Cute Asian Babes

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Cute Asian Babes

He gave me a lopsided grin as I took the flowers from him and put them in a vase on my desk. When I looked again, Randy was lying on my bed. His eyes were on me, and his arms were folded beneath his head, showing off his toned biceps. I blushed and hoped he didn’t notice me checking him out. His ego was big enough. “Would you like to tell us anything about yourself?” Miss Reyes questioned.

But I was already stumbling away. “And soooo…that’s why I’m having a party this Friday! You all have to come! Especially you, Tori, since you’ve never seen my house before!

” Misty grinned triumphantly as she tried to keep up with her fast-melting ice cream. “I can’t believe this has happened…

” the man, face unknown, turns to his companion, “I made a huge mistake.

” “Who is she”? Brigit asked Neil. “ You have to,” he said. “ I aint ever going to be anyone’s,” I said harshly. He pressed his lips against mine again, and I tried pushing him off of me, but he was too strong. “ NUH-HUH,” I yelped escaping from his grasp.

I jumped up, and stood their gawking at him, and I turned around and all the guys stood in a line. I took a step back watching them like a hawk. “ What are you fa-,” I stopped when Gabe came from behind me, and held my hands behind my back, so I faced the guys. “ What the devil!

” I yelped. Clay stood in front of me first and he gave me a hug. I jump when I see him “How the hell did you get up here? I thought you were in the kitchen” I laughed, “Really?” After showering, I stepped into my room and walked over to my closet, luckily my mom had extra clothes for me just in case I decided I didn’t want to be a tomboy anymore.

On one side of my closet were my regular clothes; on the other side were all of the other clothes mom bought for me. Silence is reigning over them, not even one breath heard. Each man looks like a statue, still and unmoving. It is almost like a painting, calmness in the air yet violence hanging just beyond.

Annoyance and anger flits on the corner of one slender man’s mouth. I don’t know if I have the strength to stand “I think I can prove that you are mates with him,” Yi smiles comfortingly. Not that I need to be comforted.

I need a way out of this mess.

Cute Asian Babes