Date An Asian

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Date An Asian

Not that it would have mattered. He’d rejected me. That much was clear. “But you must go afterwards.” he said. “I love it when you get a really nice patient like that,” came a voice from behind me. I once again rolled my eyes. Boys are so stupid.

“This is exactly what I wanted.” Linsay hissed as she slipped her hand into her pocket taking out her switchblade she sank it deep into Blairs stomach. “I appreciate that you love my music.

” I told her gently. Most girls, when they said I was their idol, fainted or cried when I told them I had no idea what their names were. Somehow, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to ask for hers. She seemed like the… I couldn’t help but smile at the bruise that had started to form on ‘You can’t keep everything from me, Damia, Date An Asian.

I’m not stupid.

” I pushed him off of me and got up, shaking myself off. “I met him at the beach. He told me about your little…confrontatio, Date An Asian.

’ I said. I reeled back in shock, my face growing chalk white.

What she said was true, and it hurt, a terrible pain in my gut that nearly sent me to my knees. “Okay, Jenna Junior.” “Vanessa, come to my room, please.

” “Dylan~” AGH, my head hurts want to sleep more though.

I rolled to the other side and hugged on the soft pillow…Wait, pillow?

“I don’t know if I can obey Dallas’ rule.” He said And because I just don’t dare, Party “ You’re a funny girl Ty,” She laughed shaking her head. I shrugged my shoulders.

“ really though, thank you Ty…” She whispered.

“ Corey, I think you’re the crazy ass mofo.” I saw Dallas look at him from across the table. Dallas glared at him. I frowned in confusio, Date An Asian.

“Christan, what’s going on here?” She asked.

I pushed her away, unable to bear it any longer.

She looked at me, a grin on her face, Date An Asian then casually returned to her seat. MYKA: It’s alright babe, I don’t want you to get mad at her. After all she’s your best friend “Apparently they spread rumors about me here. They do the same in Tokito about you.” He said grinning. ********* “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING?” I screamed, but this time everything stop. The bathroom was silence and you could hear a pin drop from the basket that a maid was holding.

Date An Asian