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Date AsiaMy eyes narrowed into slits. “Because I don’t think I can do it anymore! Your scent is so overpowering that it envelops me, causes me to lose all train of thought-” We all sat behind the house, waiting for the moon to come out. I sat with Riley, both of us not happy about me finding a mate. “I’ve told you hundreds of times before that I didn’t want a mate, and what did I get? A mate!” I crossed my arms with a huff. He carried me up the stairs and into my bedroom, caressing me with lips and hands the entire way. He closed the door behind him, and placed me down on my bed. He switched on a lamp, and removed his shirt and draped it over the light, casting the room into a dim glow and creating the ultimate sensual atmosphere.

He turned to face me, lust written all over his features.

“I thought you didn’t do one night stands, Doc,” he grinned, situating his flawless body over mine. Where did I even leave it to begin with? I know I was holding it in the core of the castle, but I don’t remember anything after that. One thing is for sure, I certainly didn’t put it here. “I forgot to mention, I’m Leo’s older brother,” He smiled sheepishly back at her. She remembered the first time she’d met him, back when she caught Leo with the blonde chick in the pool house.

How did she not notice their similar features before? Zane’s strong jaw and hitched eyebrows matched Leo’s. Zane seemed to take after his mother, with soft blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Leo got his brown hair and blue-green eyes from his father.

But didn’t Zane say he was a family friend? ‘Guess he’s more family than friend’ Taylor thought while rolling her eyes. Blair hesitated at the landing of the staircase that led down to the kitchen were she could clearly hear her grandparents, Alex, Roxanne, Micheal, Brad and Nick. Blair tightened her hold on Gabriels hand as they began to come down the stairs.

When they stood at the entrance way Meredith did a double take so shocked she was to see Blair, especially when her two cousins stood a couple of feet away from her. “ Thank you for coming, I enjoyed talking to, once again it was very nice to meet you,” I smiled. She gave me a loving warm smile, and made her way down the driveway. I closed the front door, and I felt happy, but at the same time I was overloaded with sadness.

So much sadness, I felt tears falling down my eyes. I don’t know if it was because of Art, my mother completely gone, my father a jerk, or the face I felt bad for Lauri, Date Asia.

Date Asia