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Date Chinese GirlI sat in my office, barely tasting my sandwich as I stared sadly out the window. Chapter 3 I shrugged. “Kenzii, I want you to gaurd Lucy when she’s not goalie. If the ball goes to her, be on her like cheese on cheese-it’s. Okay?” Kenzii nodded and I smiled, “Let’s go beat some tornado a*s!” He caught up with me which caused me to run even faster.

I was about 20 meters from the goal. I kicked the ball as hard as I could and it went flying into the goal. “Just shut up,” I place one plate in front of Xavier, Date Chinese Girl then hesitate before giving Jake his share, “or I won’t give you breakfast.” Hey!!! “Night” he said and he kissed my forehead but I didn’t hear him because I was already asleep against his warmth “ hey!” Someone shouted. I looked up and saw Gino and Eric running towards me and a unhappy Alan lingering behind them. I sat up, and they started to climb up the bleachers, and sat down in front of me. “ Why aren’t you sitting with your friends?

” Gino asked. When I was done with the water I felt better.

My breathing had slowed down a little to where it wasn’t short pants. But short breaths, if that makes sense.

I tilted my head to the side and stared harder at him. “Yes, as ready as I’m going to be”. I said. Suicidal Beginnings I felt my anger heighte, Date Chinese Girl. “Well if you would have talked to me instead of jumping to conclusions I would have told you what really happened! Derik would have been the last person on earth to know about it, but he happened to find me walking home that day with blood all over me! I made him promise me that he’d never, ever, under any circumstances tell a soul. I didn’t want anyone to know about this because I was a stupid eleven year old girl. What, did you expect me to just walk up to you and say, ‘hey, I was raped yesterday, just so you know?’ That’s not how it works, Trevor.

” And I disconnected. “I started it, you need to check yourself. You were the one who started it, I just wanted to go to sleep without having any problems, but no your arrogant ass had to say something”.

I slurred a little bit, but not as much because I became furious agai, Date Chinese Girl.

Date Chinese Girl