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The I grabbed a brush and started brushing my hair. When all the tangles were out I started curling my hair. “My condolences to your mother” the doctor said and turned to face George “Your father here, can go home today but sadly your sister can’t for two days” I felt someone beside me which was weird because nobody could ever catch up with me. I looked to the side and saw Kayden trying to get the ball. I smirked and ran faster. “Erm, my house, it’s only a few minutes’ walk…” I told him feeling the blush creep up onto my face. I had to focus on Romeo (who was still being tossed around and looked like he might puke any second) to keep my eyes from betraying me and slipping back to Cole’s chest… Cole’s chest….Damn, once again they had found their way back to him, and his eyes had found their way back to mine. The second our eyes met it was like he couldn’t stand to be in the room any more, he tried to take a few steps backwards – onto to band into the door. He wouldn’t look at any of us, even though it was only me who had noticed his shift in behaviour.

He left the room, leaving me feeling, well, upset. “Seriously,” Chloe said. “I mean, I like sex probably about as much as any boy does, and even I know a little bit of abstinence isn’t something to end a relationship over. That’d be pretty fucked up.” “Sounds good.” “Kayde, Date Russian Women.” I said “ Cya duddet,” I smirked.

He rolled his eyes, and I made my way towards my front door. I stopped at the front door taking a deep breath, and I knocked. When the door opened Clay stood there.

I hid my smile and waved it off. “Nothing.” She scoffed and threw her blonde hair back over her shoulder, her dark brown eyes defiant.

“I know you’ve been fucking him. I also know that you weren’t raped in Elementary, you probably liked it, didn’t you?” “Than where will I sleep?” Jason said, sounding more awake.

“Are you sure Andy?” I nodded, unsure of what I would say if I opened my mouth.

Date Russian Women