Dating After Divorce

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Dating After DivorceI’d just checked on the roast when the doorbell rang. I’d started to take off my oven mitts to go answer when Dad called, “I’ll get it!” “Mona, are you okay?” Griffin asks with worry. “What are you staring at? What is it doing?

” I try to calm down my anger, knowing that it will not get me anywhere.

“You do know, just say it.” I can’t be. I’ve been traveling in a straight line. “While you’re living here you will serve yourself.” “Heyllo.” I said He laughed again, “I like talking though.

” I handed one of the granola bars to James.

We all went to Victoria Secret because that’s where Xavier said all the girls would be and that it would be okay because Bianca and I were there. So it wouldn’t be weird, I guess. I gotta say the boys smart.

They giggled, covering their mouth and grinning. He threw his arms up. “Fine! Go out with him! Be my guest! Don’t come crying to me when he hurts you just like every other girl he’s hurt!” He shouted.

“There’s my mate.” He whispered, as if to himself. We both nodded and got out of the car and we all walked into hospital, we walked into Nora’s room only to see her talking on the phone, she looked up and smiled “I’ve got to go…talk to you later…thanks…

bye” she said to the person on the other end of the phone “Daddy” and she hugged George I smiled slowly, and linked hands with my beautiful twi, Dating After Divorce. “ C’mon Ty, were gonna get you home,” he said shaking my shoulder lightly. I groaned, and sat up. My body felt soar, and I felt drained. I kicked my legs over the edge and they dangled their, and I looked at Clay giving him a blank stare.

He handed my clothes and walked out. I stood up and wobbled to the side, and then regained my balance and slipped off my gown, and put on a pair of sweats, and a rock n’ roll t-shirt. I still felt cold. I grabbed a hoodie, and put it on, and put the hood up and stumbled out of the room. Clay was lent up against the wall, and he looks up at me, and the next thing I knew I was wrapped in warmth.

Clay had his arms around me, and was hugging me to him. “Do you want to know the sex?” He asked.

Both me and Christan shook our heads.

Dr. Lexus laughed before taking a few more pictures and printing them out for us. Christan and I decided we should make a scrap book each of our babies, so after the doctors, we went to the craft shop and bought ourselves everything we thought we would need to make our scrap books. “I promise.” “I know.

Dating After Divorce