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Dating Chinese GirlCash grinned at me—a smug, teasing grin, like the one he’d given me when he knew he was winning that cheesy Star Game of his over the summer. I looked away, wishing I could stop thinking about that night. “Oh, nothing I just wanted to give you my number seen as though I couldn’t earlier” He said passing me a folded piece of paper.

There were no awkwardness hanging between us now and we were both smiling away at each other. I had butterflies in my stomach and was so glad that he really did want to see me tomorrow.

”yes really, now will you like to dance with me while we wait for our food.” And we got entertainment, all right. “Will you lay off?!” His lips threatened to tilt up, but he shook his head. The girl had something in common with her father, Dating Chinese Girl they both fucked with his feelings. Still, he didn’t want to let go just yet, he wanted to take in the burning sensation, so different than he’d ever before felt. ‘Right.

Now you know all the rules and regulations, I’m hoping you don’t break any of them. Now any questions?

‘ Dad said at the end. A few people put their hand up but all they were talking about was the after school clubs that are going to be held. Nothing special. Nothing about why a girl is in this school.

My lungs burned as I thought of a life without her. I needed Andy like my body needed air. “I don’t…. But you did a great job last time.” And than all of the sudden, adding onto all of the embarrassment, my stomach rumble.

“Hotel, now!” I could feel tears stinging my eyes. It hurt to hear, hurt to know that I really was a tease.

I’d spent weeks discussing and fighting sexual labels with the other girls, but here I was, deliberately tormenting Cash with sex, becoming the stereotype. I was ashamed of myself.

-o- ”i went to get some stuff for my room, surely you dont think im going to stay at home waiting for you to come home.”he seems annoyed that i hit the mark, and the guys just laughing.

My subconscious spats. “Nikki, you look lovely as always” Nick’s mom greets and hugs me. “Thanks Tita, you as well” I mutter then, Nick dad scoops me into a great embrace.

Same as Nick, I never saw his parents for 3 years too. “Why don’t you both talks for a while?

We’re sure that you need to do some chats” mom said. I frown then I glance at Nick who is still smiling at me. I snorted, “Well…”

Dating Chinese Girl