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Dating CoachMy hair was tangled and messy. I sighed, searching through Riley’s glove compartment for the brush I knew he had. The boy cared more for his hair than he did his own life. “Thanks for letting us in guys but I really need to get home.” I told them deciding that I would need to dry off Romeo and still needed to ring Decla, Dating Coach.

I walk over to another door, flinging it open to reveal the treasure I am seeking. A hoard of clothes lined from wall to wall jumps out at me, a true vision of incredulity lingering before my eyes. So many clothes… “That’s not the point,” I say, anger boiling in my blood, “you were completely awake the whole time, even when you tried to kiss me? You laughed at me?” I rubbed my forehead, “Shut up, it hurts.

” “Sure it is.” I said “Nancy?…

I know him.” I looked over at the man again, to make sure it wasn’t an illusion or something. It was Ali, alright. I opened the castle-like doors to find Heather on the entrance.

“Sea!” “What is that suppose to mean?” Beth asked, shrugging just like me. “Tell me,” I nearly growl, invoking an irritated glance from wolfboy himself. Gabriel shrugged and walked into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later fully dressed he walked downstairs and into the kitche, Dating Coach. Sitting at the large table was Meredith and Blake, “Gabriel, Dating Coach the person we wanted to see.” she said as she looked up from her plate.

I let out a big breath that I was holding. Declans whole body stiffened the second that he realised I was about to kiss him. I went on my tip toes to reach his lips, but the second they touched a million things ran through my head. What is he dosn’t want me to kiss him? What if he pushes me off him? What if he laughs at me? I didn’t want him to move away from me, I mean, I know he likes me or he wouldn’t have said we were dating right? I pecked his lips and landed back onto my feet all in seconds.

I didn’t want to kiss him properly in front of all his friends in a McDonald’s car park, and besides, I wanted to know if he was serious about me before I do, just so he dosn’t get the wrong impressio, Dating Coach. And it was from CLINT! Football4life: Your gonna regret that Ty Crutz “…

Okay.” I said with hesitation “What, do you have a better idea?” I snapped at him, before realizing what I was doing.

“I’m sorry!” I added immediately. “I’m so sorry!

I didn’t mean to be mean!” I decided that before I hurt him even more, I had better get some help. “I’m here” hollered a voice coming through the door way

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