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Dating DirectIs she wild or something me, Dating Direct. im speachless until lucas touched my shoulder. “What the hell?” I asked “Well, get to it. I won’t look.”He turns and looks in his backpack again, swearing as he does so. “If only I had my knapsack…

” “Soccer fags! I’m gonna kill those assholes.” “I decline,” he says abruptly, digging back into his meat. Sidney just stands, her mouth in a perfectly lip-glossed “o”. “W-what, d-do you want?” “Then why haven’t you said two words to me before this, since we found out we were mated”? I looked down into my lap, afraid of what his answer was going to be. “That can be arranged.

” “Is Reiley here?” Blair continued laughing unable to get enough air to form a coherent answer, “Blair calm dow, Dating Direct.” Micheal said with a chuckle as he looked at Brad whose face was so comical that he couldn’t help the laugh that burst out of his lips. “Just wait until we get home though…

” I trailed off, letting his imagination fill the silence “Andy please don’t do this..” We have been trying to arrange a night out for weeks and still have not come up with a date, so I’ve decided to go alone.

Heck I need a drink, and a few random stranger dances could do me good. Flying solo sometimes had it’s advantages. A strange musk dances towards my nose, and sensuously plays with my senses before leaving me defenseless.

A scent I know all too well… or do I? The memories are frayed at the edges, seemingly ruined beyond repair. Pevious: “This is so beautiful” She said I then layed her down on the blanket and started kissing her, I went down and took her shirt off and then her bra her nipples got hard from the little bit of wind blowing and then she said ‘ I love you” and that’s when I frozed “I-I love you to” I said to her and then she took of my pants and rolled me onto the blanket Now Scarlet’s POV “Scar I have to tell you something okay” Ashley said sad in her face I could tell “Sure anything love” I said kissing her neck she tried not to moan then I bit her ear gently “Will you be able to take it I don’t wanna hurt you more than your already hurt” She said, how did she know I was hurting so I just kept my mouth shut and let her talk “Well you know that fight with your friend” Ash said starting to tear up so I took her hand in mine “Yeah” I said back plainly “Well I set him up to do that to see if you would be with me i-i’m sorry” She said starting to cry I got mad but then realized I would of probably done the same “If you wanna leave then I will drive you home and

Dating Direct