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Dating For ParentsThat was once true though. “Okay, okay,” Jake concedes defeat, though still grinning. I place the other plates in front of Ray and Wes, Dating For Parents then retreat to grab Yi’s. “Stop… stop…. STOP!!!” I yell as he covers my face in sticky saliva.

He backs off, running to the door. I smile as he somehow manages to paw the door open, walking outside into the hallway.

The happiness in the room vanishes, however, when the door bangs to a shut. Suddenly my previously desolate state of being returns, and I feel the urge to cry. “What, mother?

What’s wrong?” The awkward silence lingered as a reminder that it wouldn’t be the same anymore.

Their friendship was completely altered.

“Yes, Alexis?

” He sighed “ What’s going on Art,” A man said. His voice, it sounded so pure of evil, I turned around and saw a tall man standing in the kitchen doorway, looking between Art and I. I only turn to look at him after he stubbornly sits beside me. His green eyes stare into mine, and I shiver. I am a horrible human being. I turned and knelt down to pick up the book I’d dropped off the ladder, needing to look at anything besides Cash. Why did I always fall into his trap? For he wasn’t real. Every laugh I saw him make was frozen on a page. I could hear his sweet, soothing voice, but only from a CD or the computer.

Every smile he gave was to an audience, a mob of ferocious teenage fans. The whispers that normally swirl around a popular figure weren’t in existence, everyone awed by his perfectio, Dating For Parents.

Really, he defines perfectio, Dating For Parents.

He’s just as scared as I am probably more. He loves his hair and it’s blonde. I shuddered, thinking about the damage Lexi could do to it. Once at the Pizza house, that was simply called PIZZA (I know, original right?

) we sat down at a large cubical and ordered our food. I sat there wide-eyed watching each of them order a full pizza, I scanned the menu and decided to get some fries, Dating For Parents there was no way I could eat a full pizza!

“Yes I am,” I grinned, agreeing with her. I touched a bouncy curl, her silky hair reminding me once again of my ow, Dating For Parents. The silence swirled around us both, Felicia resting on my lap silently.

Dating For Parents