Dating Men

Dating Men

Dazed, I nodded slowly. “I don’t know…” I could see her eyes becoming a bit more focused, a tad more alert. I had to do something! But I wasn’t finished.

‘I think its better if we both forget about it.’ We drove to the whatever it’s called thing in time to see Gemma and her new husband walk in, I sighed a relieved sigh The mansion was big and beautiful, but the strange thing about the mansion was that it is next to the forest. The mansion was totally different from the forest setting. I stared at the mansion and the forest for a moment.

“What are we going to do, Peter?” I asked him. His big, soft hand was wrapped around my waist, each one of his steps mirroring mine. “Bye” I whispered mainly to myself.

“Why did you cheat me in the peace treaty?” I suddenly asked annoyed.

Durwald laughed and walked over to me. “Don’t you dare lie to me!” He yelled “I thought we were best friends, that we tell each other everything?” It must have been the way They nodded, “I know this is a lot to sink in, but soon you will deal with it. Now go up stairs and rest for a wait.” NIKKI’S P. O.V “Let’s go Nora” I said to her I turn to face Will “I can drive her home, you can stay and have a drink with George, if you want” Its because my dad trusts me. And I love that. I smiled.

I ran outside to see Finn, Matt and a couple of his friends walking out of school to the field. ‘Finn!’ I shouted. He heard me and looked back. And Matt did. I ran to him, out of breath.

Lucky for him, he sounded like a dying cat. I pulled myself away from where I was planted and started the long trek home in the rai, Dating Men. I really couldn’t care about the rain pounding down around me and drenching me. I couldn’t care about the wicked cold breeze whipping around me. I couldn’t care that the night was so dark I couldn’t see anything.

I just really couldn’t care. Ev – Oh cry my a river, build a bridge, and get the fck over it!

Dating Men