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Dating ProfileXavier is waiting at the edge, and he hurriedly rips Ray away from me. “Always getting into trouble, huh?” He asks, slapping Ray heartily in the back. The action seems to shake Ray back to life, and he awkwardly jumps away. Daniel smiled, blinding white against his dark skin “no problem Mrs. Gabriel.” He murmured. Blair pulled back enough that she could look into his eyes. So bright with happiness before she looked over her should and stared at her grandmother, “Am I…” She trailed off as Meredith nodded, “How long?” If she really was carrying a little alien inside of her she wanted to know how long it had been there.

She had done so many thing that could’ve hurt the baby. “Thanks.” I hate being short right now. The punishment shall be death, no excuses! “Oh and – ” she has this huge grin on my face. “Don’t tell anyone,” she insisted.

“Please. It’s embarrassing.

But I really don’t enjoy it. It’s just kind of… underwhelming.

I only do it because it makes Terry happy, and I love him, but… I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. It’s just, you felt like you had to lie about being a virgin and I feel like I have to lie about this, and… I’m so weird.” He peers at me strangely.

“Why are you slumping?

I thought you had perfect posture,” he inquires quietly. I frown, my eyes narrowing.

“Yes, Mr. Rockstar,” she bowed to me. “Whatever you say.” “That’s close!” Kim said, squealing.

“What’s going on?” I ask as the grass suddenly crunches, though not by my feet. A branch cracks, leaves crumpled. “Who’s there?” “I’m just saying.

The whole plunging-neckline thing did not flatter her figure.

You looked way hotter.

” That was the end of my celebrity obsessio, Dating Profile. It was still there, though.

I could feel it, biting and kicking to be let out of its shell. Some part of me still liked Dex. No matter how much I had tried to suppress and smash that part, it had endured for over five years.

I had managed to not sneak a single peek at Dex for that time. “Sure. Why not?” he replies, drawing humor from the fact that I actually want his food. The corner of his mouth turns up as he shoves his whole tray towards me, my eyes lighting up as I realize that I just might have enough to eat today. I start in on this new bit of food, focusing on the warmth it will give in my stomach, not the nasty taste it offers.

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