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Dating Site ReviewsJust now and then, I can look him closely he really has the finest nose, a remarkable lips, I can also see his beautiful bluish-greenish eyes he’s so perfect. “Amuse with my looks best?” he smirk agai, Dating Site Reviews. “Amuse yourself!

You look disgusting you know that?” He frowns and laugh, actually we both laugh. We stop laughing when we heard the door opened, Nick quickly untangled my body to his and smiles. “They’re here!” My mom hugged me and so did dad! “We missed you two so much, hey Nick your parent’s are here” dad grab our things and put it inside the house, we follow him until we reach the living area sitting on the couch were Nick’s parent’s and? Myka? “Hey babe, I missed you” Myka gave Nick a grateful bear hug “I miss you too” Nick replied.

“Nikki” Myka nods at me “Myka” I respond a nod for acknowledgement. “How’s your stay there?” Nick’s mom asked.

Nick told them everything, specifically everything!

I wonder why Myka’s here, are they together again!

If that so, Dating Site Reviews then why did Nick grab me about an hour or so ago? Mom walked in front of me and smile “Nikki, we’re both planning to send you to New York, with Nick and Myka” “Mom? Why?” I chilled, with them? Is there any pain that I need to bear? “Nick’s parents have decided and so as we that you and Nick will become a perfect business partner, well of course because you were best friends since God knows when!” she smile sweetly.

Mom if only you knew! “When?” I asked.

“Tomorrow! ” she replied. “Why is so sudden mom? We just came back here! Give me a break!

” I snap. Nick walks towards us with Myka all over his body, can this be more embarrassing moment?

I want to kick them both but I don’t have the guts to say my reason for kicking them I giggle. “Why is there any giggling best?” Nick snap! “Can you two get some room? Just to remind you, this is not your house” I hissed. “Jelly?

” Nick smirk.

“Why would I? Besides Clint is the most perfect buddy! ” I teased.

Two can play the game. “Who’s Clint?” Mom snap “The guy that helped her the time that she falls on the crick” Nick explained.


You met him?” Mom asked amuses. “Why so amused mom?” I give my mom a confuse look “We know he’s dad! Don’t you remember Nikki?

” mom replied. Is this a bad news or good news? After I can reply, dad is walking to where were talking; I looked at Myka who still hell wrapping her arms around his boy! For fuck sake can she just stop? “I heard a Clint name here” dad smiled.

“Yeah? And am I in trouble or what?” I furrow.

Dating Site Reviews