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Dating TipsXerxes had driven me to the hospital, right after school. Dylan argued to drive me instead but I didn’t want him to. I mean really, Dylan was a jerk to begin with and now a jackass. Xerxes’s yelled back no and if Dylan kept annoying me about it. He’ll beat the crap out of Dyla, Dating Tips.

I guess it’s an advance to be the oldest out of everyone. ‘I’m sorry CeCe, I didn’t mean to-‘ “We’ve got to turn the tables,” I answered.

“Fight fire with fire. They want to get half-naked and seduce us? I say we do the same. Push them a little, make them want us. They’re guys. They’ll crack before we do.” “Are you okay, Xavier?

” she asks worriedly, putting a soft hand to my forehead. “You just seem… different. More tired than usual.

” “Ok” “Hey Dex,” they purred. The day of my wedding was a beautiful day. I woke up to birds chirping outside my window and when I was awake I immediately jumped out of bed. I walked over to the window, pulled back he curtains and then threw open the window. A cool breeze entered my room and played with my nightdress and my hair. I laughed, just because I could, and then danced around the room. The rest of the day passed much too quickly for my liking but I enjoyed every minute of it. Nathan looked more handsome than he had ever done before and I’m quite sure that the priest got a little annoyed at us at one point because we could not take our eyes off each other.

When he asked me if I was going to cherish and obey Nathan I nearly forgot to say yes because Nathan winked at me just before I was going to answer. The party lasted till late in the evening and Nathan and I were happy when the last guests finally left. I felt exhaustion take over but suddenly Nathan was by my side and placed a hard kiss on my lips. “Not unless you do,” she insisted.

With a firm tug, she suddenly forced me to the altar as she walked to Dex. Pulling on his arm, she dragged us both to the aisle, both of us surprised at her strength. “Now it is perfect,” she smiled, walking with both of us in hand.

Dating Tips