Dating Violence

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Dating Violence

Wow, I can’t believe he called me beautiful! There had only every been one man to call me that, and it was my dad! I had extreme butterflies flapping around in my stomach.

I text him back saying thank you and I can’t either. A few minutes later I fell asleep with a smile plastered on my face. “Sure thing.

” “I think she locked herself in Kayden’s room with him.” I said running up stairs “C*nt.” He whispered “Wine,” “I don’t care what he’ll do, Babe. As long as your safe, it’ll be alright.” He said. Not moving, I awaited my dreaded fate. “Now, now Xavier,” Jake smiles, patting him on the back slightly, “we’re a family.

It is good for families to have little disagreements every once and a while. It helps us grow closer.” Silver eyes were ablaze with fire, his hand curling around the gag as he hissed, baring his teeth in a sneer.

Lucius was not intentionally spurring the male. “You guys are gross!” We yelled Even though I had control of my arms again, I didn’t fight him. “I hate you!” I whispered as I reached up and pulled his lips back down to mine. “Yeah, I’m on the guys soccer team.” I rang him, not wanting to waste time texting him back. I jumped the stairs to my bedroom two at a time, so eager to hear his voice. “Nope.” I said popping the P “All right,” he said, taking my hand again as his laughter eased.

It felt so natural, so normal, that it didn’t even faze me to have him hold my hand. “So do you think you can win on your own next time?” “Good morning!” Leslie sent a grin my way. “Did you make it okay over the weekend?” I followed him into his office, and waited while he flipped through his mail, returned telephone calls, and checked in with his coworkers.

”i uhm.” “I know,” I said quietly.

“I owe it to all the girls. They’ve stuck by me—all of them—through a lot. Through Randy…

” I swallowed hard, unable to keep the emotions back the way I wanted. “I’ll talk to Cash. Not sure what I’ll say, but I’ll talk to him.” Wendy and Jenni’s eyes widened at my entrance.

“What is it?” Nathan asked “Aren’t you centre something?

” He asked I shook my head, “No you don’t. You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” I was shocked when the rest of the world faded away, and it was just us. I never thought that I would find her, my whole world, my whole life. My only reason for living. My soul-mate…

Dating Violence