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Direct DatingI laughed. “I still cannot believe Kelsey is wearing that,” she said after we’d been hanging out and eating pretzels for about an hour. “Someone should tell her that yellow isn’t her color. Oh, and I think that someone should be me. Be right back—” “Lissa,” Jenna said from the doorway, “your break ended almost a minute ago. Come on, I can’t have you slacking off when you’re on the clock.” We both fell on the bed, and he put his hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling.

We sat in silence, both of us waiting for the other to say something.

“Damian?” I whispered. “Look at that turtle,” Dex pointed, his beautiful arms waving in the air, directed towards a certain cloud.

It was a biggie, a colossal Columbus cloud, that resembled a turtle. Even when he stepped back, I felt like I want to puke (in a good way). Aunt Mabel bustled in just as I was about to tell Daniel I’d be fine. “Hi Neil”. I said with a smile on my face and with the utmost kindness.

“Ryan’s, Amanda.

Out!” Coach yelled “She’s inside with Ashton at the moment” I could feel the warm of his breath on my face, Direct Dating the smell of alcohol stinging in my nostrils. I could feel my legs wobbling beneath me as his eyes burned into mine, like he could see every single piece of me, of my past. “We implore you to consider our offer,” Markus speaks firmly. “Oh good, no of corse not. Did she say what she wanted me for?” I asked curiously.

“Shit that’s not long, let’s get looking” “What”, we looked at each other, not really paying attention on what the other was wearing when we were in our room. I guess we are matching.

He paid, and we got the hell out of that stuffy little shop. Driving home, I made sure to stare out the window in silence. I hadn’t forgotten…

you know, what had happened.

But, he was being strangely dear and helpful…

“For me?” I asked. He nodded.

“We need to stay light,” he gently, yet firmly insists, “we can’t have you dragging a backpack around.” I give up immediately, looking at the floor. They just don’t know what it is like to be a girl. “Sure. Someday.

I’m rather fond of this picture of you.” He looks at it again, and my mind flashes back to the time when that picture was take, Direct Dating.

It was about six months ago, and also the day when I lost my glasses yet again, leaving me half blind and unable to even tie my shoes, let alone comb my hair. I had even worn my shirt inside out. It was awful. “Well no…”

Direct Dating