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Ebony Dating

I woke up with a crow next to my head. I had no idea where I was, was completely disoriented but had an uneasy feeling. I sat up and looked around. I saw a sea stretch out for miles ahead of me. The sun was coming up and its rays were reflecting on the water. It was an absolutely beautiful sight.

I would have enjoyed it if I had felt safer. I turned my head and looked at the dense bush behind me. My mouth was dry and my lips were cracked. I wondered if there was any fresh water there.

I decided I would need to find out someday and stood up. A waterfall of sand fell from my hair and my dress. Slowly I walked towards the edge of the jungle. I was scared of seeing wild animals.

I suddenly realized that there was a possibility that I might get killed in the next few weeks. I decided not to think about it and pushed it to the back of my mind. I took a few steps, pushing branches and leaves out of the way, looking at the muddy floor if there was any signs of snakes, spiders or any other creatures.

I blindly pushed a way deeper and deeper into the jungle.

Then I touched something that did not feel like a branch. I screamed when I looked up and saw what it was. A big, fat snake was lying on a branch, looking down at me as if he enjoyed seeing my reactio, Ebony Dating. Then it got up lazily and looked like it was going to bite me. I don’t remember having ever run so fast in my life. I ran until I could run no more but still did not want to slow dow, Ebony Dating. Was it behind me? Where there more animals like that here? The only good thing about the encounter with the snake was that I could now hear running water.

I did not know the way back, did not know how deep I was in the rainforest. I decided to walk towards the water. It was a small stream that, as far as I could see from here, led to a small lake. I put the tip of my finger in the water and tasted it. Good, it was sweet.

But was it drinkable? Would I die of water poisoning or something?

I did not care that I was making up words, no one would care about my grammar here anyways. I took a scoop of water and drank it. I had not realized how thirsty I was before I took that first sip of water. The water tasted magnificent, it was cool and delicious and I felt like putting my whole head in it. I drank until I could drink no more, washed my face and my hands and stood up. I slowly peeled my dress from my body, Ebony Dating there was no one around anyways.

I laid the dress down on a stone, scooped water and cooled off my skin with it.

Ebony Dating