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But I have to be honest to myself; is that fantasy really possible? Could I battle those gifted werewolves and have even the smallest chance of winning? Could I take on even one? “ We gotta get her man,” I heard Alec whine, and I heard them start to walk, and their footsteps started to fade. Five down…. Four to go…. This is so my game. I crawled my way out of the bushes, and stood up brushing myself off, and looked around.

I whipped the sweat off of my forehead.

It’s getting hot out here. I sighed looking around.

I continued to walk for about thirty minutes, and I saw not a person, or heard anyone.

I sighed, and looked up and saw a mountain of rocks. I looked at them, and saw an opening in them about five feet up. I tilted my head, and made way towards it, and started to climb up the rocks. I climbed though the opening, and when I got in it was like a cave. It was beautiful.

I walked in, and sat down on the ground, and looked around. I set down the gun, and stood up and turned in a full circle gawking at what was in front of me. I stood their awestruck. I’ve been to these woods so many time, and I have never in my life ever seen this place.

I guess I found a new hiding place. MH. I started to walk across the stones, and there was a little pond of water, and some of the stones where wet and slippery.

I reached my right leg out, and stepped on a small stone, and I saw someone from the corner of my eye, and my heart stopped, and I whipped my head towards the figure.

Startled I lost my balance, and stumbled to the side. I reached my hands out trying to find something to steady myself. But there was nothing. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the fall, but I felt someone’s hand wrap around my wrist, and they pulled me towards them. I opened my eyes, and I was on two rocks, and I looked at the hand holding onto me, and I tilted my head up and saw Art. I groaned and he laughed.

“Ah, here she is” Marissa said in a voiced filled with laughter, I looked up from my menu at her to see she had a huge smile on her face. I decided to put it down to that they were waiting for me to order so I rushed through the menu, not wanting to keep the waiter hanging about long than I had already kept him. I wasn’t even bothered to comment on that. If he wanted to lie to me, so be it. So that’s how they have so much money…

“…but dad you could have gave us a week’s warning” I heard Will tell George

Euro Asian Dating Site