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European Dating SitesI Love You “Are we going to go home now?” I asked in the car. “Huh?” “Why are we here? Did you expect that you can make it up because we’re here? I said. “Look, I just want to tell you why I couldn’t reply your mails” he started. “Whatever!

It’s alright done!” I yelled. “No, it’s not done. I mean can you just please listen to me?” he pleaded.

“Go on!” I responded while looking at my nails like a bored kid on class.

“I wanted to say sorry about it Nikki. Hey look; I really wanted to mailed you back but Myka threat me and by that it means she’ll broke up with me if I keep on communicating you again; she’s too jealous of you and I love her so much Nikki that’s why…” I cut him off. “That’s why you choose her more than your best friend?

” I cried. “No Nikki, please don’t cry. I don’t intend to hurt you” he said. “Well too late Nick! It’s clearly too late!” I yelled.

I can’t believe it! PERFECT!

I was like a dumb bitch girl that is expecting for nothing!

How could he possibly give up our friendship that easily? How dare him to show his face to me! FUCK THEM! “Nikki, I’m really am sorry” he said. I just ignored him and hopped out to the car, I really need a fresh air! Nick followed me with worried look. “Nikki please say something? Why you’re still pissed off? Look, I’m already here, Myka just left so that she could give us time and now you’re ignoring me? FUCK THIS DAMN DAY!” he yelled.

I couldn’t breathe.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I put out a shaky hand against his warm, soft cheek.

“Ali?” I could barely make enough noise to be heard. “Is that really you?” I walked up and mom became silent. “Okay. Alright, I’ll call you later.

” She said, hanging up before she could get an answer. “ Rap is amazing,” he said. I changed the radio, and heard Dot Dot Curve playing on the radio, and I stopped leaning back into the seat. “ Now this is bad music,” he said going to lean i, European Dating Sites. I did too and slapped his hand away. “I apologize,” I say awkwardly, looking off to the side and narrowing my eyes. For some reason, I feel strange and uncomfortable. I know these people, but they have become strangers.

”ok and this is lia and amy my friends since freshmen year.” I don’t have time for beautiful though, I only have had time for one nighters these past few years.

Commitment is just too much, and who wants to be committed to a ditz anyways. He pried my hand on, “Freak.” He muttered

European Dating Sites