Executive Dating

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Executive DatingMy suppositions are proven valid as I can make out a translucent shape by a tall oak tree. The Shifter is weak, its light rather subdued as the creature—what I’ve been calling it recently—rests on the floor. This one is similar to one of the first Shifters I saw in this world, with a vulnerability about it that makes me feel unsure about my convictions. ‘See See?’ He said. ‘See what?’ Well, he wasn’t going to discover THIS secret of mine. was the one actually doing the kidnapping.

I’ll admit, I would’ve found him very attractive if he wasn’t kidnapping me, or something like that. “Don’t worry, this’ll only hurt like a bitch,” he said before I felt a pain hit my spine and I blacked out… “Yeah, okay,” he said in a teasing tone. I haven’t seen this side of him, I guess I wasn’t actually supposed to since I was kidnapped. “C’mon, I’ll show you where the kitchen is, and you can pick what you want to eat.” I finally noticed that the rope around my ankles were released and I could actually stand.

I looked at my phone, and laughed out loud, “ Eventually!” I scoffed. I turned to Nathan who looked scared.

“Andy!! Get back her now! I know your close!!” His face was red from I stared at them. I gotta do this more often I thought. The jewels morph, frighteningly transforming into a set of hypnotizing eyes. Oh crap. No. I can’t take this. Not him agai, Executive Dating.

“Ready?” He yanked off his briefs and started making his way over to me agai, Executive Dating. NO! He smiled too and showed his perfect pearly white teeth.

Then he kissed me again, but this time it was a gentle yet passionate kiss. He pulled back and began to trail kissed down my neck. When he got to my collar bone he sucked on it. I was moaning, and I couldn’t control it. It felt so good. Before he could do anything else I turned us over so now I was the one on top. Straight and long, his hair cuts off around his jawbone, framing his face with pride. Layers are all over the place, short wisps accompanied by long strands, carelessly tousled. The bangs make me subconsciously want to push them aside so I can gaze evermore into his eyes with no distractions.

“What do you want?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest. “No, it’s me” Ethan’s voice softly whispered to me. “P-prefec-Prefect.” Zander stutter, like any other kind of love stuck boy. “Like when they bite each other?

” I asked.

Executive Dating