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Fast DatingHe placed a freezing, cold hand on my neck and I shivered. “ What is it?” I asked. She continued to stand, and I looked up at her. I lay down on my bed to refresh my mind and just look at the brighter side when suddenly my door went bang and popped out Nick staring at me with an angry look! HELL NO! What is it again! I just looked at him with confused look; he shut the door and locked it! “What are you doing here?” I asked with a scared look. “What did you do to Myka?” he asked angrily.

“I didn’t do anything you bloody idiot!

” I yelled. “Really? Stop lying Nikki!

She cried to me asking me if we can stay to my house!” he yelled.

“Go! Stay there! I didn’t do anything to her! You know what? Myka is lying!

” I shouted. “So you’re telling me that she’s a liar and you’re not? What do you expect?

I’ll believe you?” he stated. That word hits me inside out! “I’m not asking you to believe me! I’m just telling you that…” he cut me off. “You know what? We’d better stay at my house rather than stay with you!” he yelled. “Fine! Go! And don’t you dare come back!” I warned.

“I’d rather choose to stay with my girlfriend rather than my used to be best friend” he said seriously. BOOM! That’s what I get! FUCK HIM! FUCK THEM BOTH! Nick unlocks the door and walked away with Myka who is smirking like an idiot!

“Yes,” I hissed through gritted teeth. “All of it. Keep your voice dow, Fast Dating. If Dad hears us…” “Huh? What? Psh, yeaaaah.

” I said quickly I sit down where I am, peering at the monster. It is white, but you can easily see the ground through its body. Almost subconsciously a small dagger, seemingly made from the same material as the lance, appears in my hand. I stare at it for a minute, amazed at how easily I am able to conjure weapons when I was unable to before arriving in this strange new world.

Chapter 8 (Taylor’s POV) “Get off Kayde, Fast Dating.” I said pushing his chest “So?” he said, shrugging. “Sorry, can’t do that.” I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned back in my chair.

‘Its okay, I know.’ I said.’As annoyed as I am, I’m fine that it is an only boy’s school.

‘ “James drive faster!” Charlie hadn’t called back and we had no idea if anything was wrong.

I could feel my head started throbbing and my vision blurring a bit because of the speed. I shook myself a bit to refocus, two more blocks.

We could now see Charlie’s little green car and beside it was Andy’s blue one. “ I need a punching bag.” Another murmur of agreement.

Fast Dating