Filipino Girls

Oriental Cupid

Filipino GirlsXavier straightens, Filipino Girls the laughter vanishing from him as quickly as a stray thought. “Sidney slapped Mona?” his words are full of caution and worry, “did she draw blood?

” “No, nononono.

” I said, lifting my arm, surrendering. ”hey men you done?”i asked lucas. “I’m sorry I attacked Blair, but I was told to, and well I’ve been following you guys for awhile now, and I’m rambling.

” She said looking away her olive skin tone turning a bit pink. I think back to those burning memories, full of bitterness, fear, and hate. I can remember it now… the white cloud with those terrible eyes, floating in front of me right before wreaking havoc upon us all. ”yeah that best friend of your that is a hell out of good kisser.”she giggled, and i am slighlty annoyed. shit why im i annoyed.

”nah men but im planning tonight i will.” “I love you Andy.” I whispered as the tears silently slid down my face and I drove home. I growled low in my chest. “I’m not speaking to him or his wolf agai, Filipino Girls. He’s a jerk.” I said harshly.

I nodded and thanked her. After she left I pulled Skylar back, looking her in the eyes. She gripped my shirt even tighter in her hands “don’t leave me tonight.” She begged. Before I walked out the room I sat at my little table the was right beside my bed and applied my make up that consisted of; a little eye shadow, some clear lip gloss, and a little touch of eye liner.

First I grabbed the eye shadow and smudged my finger into it and then rubbed it onto my eye, next I smeared some clear gloss onto my lips, and to finish the look I perfected the eye liner. “I speak nothing but the truth.” William said shrugging “ I am lost,” I grumbled.

“You can’t worry about the others unless you find them on the way,” I reply almost forcefully, “as of now the focus should be on getting food for survival. All I have seen so far is strange, shriveled-up berries and miles of tall trees.

Everything here seems dead.” “Come on then, off we go.” I said trying to be cheerful, but failing miserably. I walked towards my mums car and grabbed my bags. My dad helped me put them into the boot, and with a final goodbye me and my mum were off. ‘Just go away!’ I screamed at him. He moved back, scared at my voice.

I looked dow, Filipino Girls. Oh no, he’s scared of me. A tear fell down my cheek.

I can’t believe this. I quickly hid my face in shame and ran away. He really thought I was going to hurt him. I wouldn’t… would I? “Well, better now than later”

Filipino Girls