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Find A Chinese WifeThat night I kept thinking about one word: Date. What would a 17 year old girl do if she went on a date? Be happy and excited would be a answer. But what if the girl had to choose from two? I seriously need to quit this job soon, too bad I’m enjoying it. I could hear a loud sounds of thunder boomed from outside.

I wasn’t scared but my door magically opening, made me want to pee. The darkness in my room wouldn’t let me see in the dark. My mind was telling me just to stay in bed. As soon as Atlas’ hand touched her shoulder she flinched as a current, that felt like lava, went through her. Suddenly she felt as if she couldn’t breathe.

Nike and Atlas released her shoulders at the same time and she collapsed on the floor. Gabriel stared at Blair before collapsing next to her. Gasping for air Blair reached towards Gabriel and grabbed hold of his hand. I grabbed my phone.

One in the afternoon already. I also had three texts, all from Mike. “Stop screaming, I am taking you somewhere.” Jason said. He smiled lightly.

That smile was contagious because I was smiling more. He got up and sighed. “Yes, but be sure that I can answer it” I tease. She laughs and smiles.

“I know you can answer this. This is just a simple questio, Find A Chinese Wife. Do you still love Nick?” My smile fades and changes into pout. Do I still love him? But I already have a boyfriend.

Clint, I love Clint!

“I already have a boy—“ “I know, but that doesn’t answer the question” she snaps.

“What about you Myka?” I ask changing the subject. “Yes, I still love him” “How can you say that without thinking?

” I mutter.

“Mona!” I hear Griffin’s voice to the side and immediately turn to see three Shifters bashing at his body without mercy. His face is bleeding, dark blood running down his nose and neck. “ Stop being a smart ass!” I started laughing. It is true though.

They should all just get along.

Doesn’t feel the same not having Art there, not as fun, and it’s pretty depressing actually. “Pretty productive. I almost cut down a tree in one swipe,”I reply, my mouth full of fruit.

I probably look like a wild beast right now, but I’m too hungry to care. “Don’t you dare say that!”He should think wiser-I punched him back-harder.

“ Your late again,” he sighed.

Find A Chinese Wife