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Find An Asian GirlfriendXavier lies beside me, still sleeping. His shirt rests against the tree, and I carefully pick it up and drape it over him. He must have been really tired, because he’s not usually such a heavy sleeper. “Thank you.” “So, how are we supposed to shower if we are handcuffed together”?

I asked. +_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+_+ “What make you think I did it”? I asked angrily. At the end of the tunnel, a small light shone, Find An Asian Girlfriend the opening getting closer and closer as my feet brought me to it. It always amazed me how it was so separate from the rest of the building, Find An Asian Girlfriend the tunnel bearing no people or any commotion at all. It was just… completely still, like even the air was froze, Find An Asian Girlfriend.

I felt a few chills as I approached the bright light, although I knew it wasn’t from the cold. I was truly afraid of the beast I was about to meet. He quickly came infront of me. “ What’s that great news?” I grinned. “Hey,” I said, “I’m Eve.” I couldn’t breathe.

Why… was he telling me all this NOW? I unwrapped myself from his embrace put unfortunately he hugged me tighter. “Hey! Are you trying to kill me?” I snap. “Hmmm… I just miss the olden days where you and I used to do this” he mumbled.

“GET UP! I’m hungry” I muttered. He slowly releases me and cocooned to my side, I was again able to see his perfect face. “Amuse by my face best?” he snaps.

“Amuse yourself! Get up now; we need to be ready for tonight!” I shouted.

He quickly gets up and pouted, why he’s so cute while doing that kind of face dance. “What’s the time?” he asks. I look at my clock on my bedside table and holy shit! It’s already 6 in the afternoon!

We only got 3 hours to prepare.

“We over slept!” I mouth. He frowns and gazes to my clock, and then I giggle looking his pale face. “Why so pale Nick?” I tease.

“Shut up you shorty! We really do overslept!

I must go home and prepare my stuff, see you this evening” before I could response, his nowhere in sight!

That really was fast. “You knew?!” I asked, frightened suddenly. Sadie had told Peter? ‘Okay, that was a little creepy, but I guess I’ll show off as well’ Nala said, a grin stretching on her face. “But… how are we going to cross the highway when cars are going so fast?” I ask, looking at the frightening buzz of the usual traffic.

Danae’s eyes crease–I can tell she didn’t notice this problem until now. “Is who gone?” My mother asked.

Find An Asian Girlfriend