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A strong wind of air blew my hat straight off of my head, making my brown hair blow in all directions. Luckily the wind had only carried it a few feet away, so pulling Romeo along with me went to check on my wind-stolen-hat. I brushed a few blades of grass and put it back on my head tightly. I’ll be damned if I get mugged by a gust of air. “You know, you’re different from any girl I’ve ever met.” “Have fun, and take care!” My mom told us both and then gave us each a kiss on the cheek.

Then Nathan and I made our way towards the stable where Starfright and Liberty were saddled. I rode on Starfright and Nathan mounted Liberty.

And then we galloped off into the darkness. “Don’t worry, I just want to make sure that your carefull tonight.

” Marissa said in a very grown up voice for her. I had already had countless of these talks with my mum, so I didn’t really need another from Marissa although she didn’t listen when I told her that. “Mona!” I hear faintly, reality trying to bring me back. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, shaking my head no. I am fighting with him, and distraction right now will ruin it. “Eve?” A deep voice alerted me, and I stood straight up, suddenly remembering who this arm belonged to. “I will always Love, Adore, and Protect you ~ Chris” I said nothing, just moving my feet in sync with his, our bodies perfectly aligned. I had no answer to his questio, Find Asian Girls.

“He better treat my girl right,” Rico came up next to us with a grin on his face and tousled Leslie’s hair affectionately. I grasped the knob with my hand, turning it gently before flinging it ope, Find Asian Girls. It was dark. And no one was in there. But being the curious me, I crept inside anyway.

Suddenly the air moved and I was being swung up in the air. I screamed, before a rough hand cut it off. I landed on the bed, still frightened.

I looked up at my kidnapper’s face. It was Jake. AH! His hands were on both sides of me. He looked surprised, as his eyes roamed my body. Jake’s eyes got this hungry glint in his eyes. Mixed with lust, maybe? It was hard to tell, since the entire room was dark. HEART

Find Asian Girls