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When we got to Liam’s house, we went up to his bedroom. He walked over to his draws and pulled out a white long t-shirt. He threw it at me and pointed to the bathroom.

I walked over to it, and closed the door. Then I began to strip my clothes off. When I was done stripping I slid the white t-shirt o, Find Singles. It had Liam’s scent all over it. I loved his scent. It wasn’t like all those teenage boys scent; smelly and gross.

It was a rich lemon smell. My favorite. “Oh come on” Simon said then grabs Alex’s hand and drags him up to the barbeque “It’s no fair! How come you and the guys can see girls naked but no-” “Stop.” I felt the cold blade digging into me slightly and stopped.

I didn’t know who was more shocked, me or Vanessa. Red Rover, Red Rover, send Virgin right over. I can’t move. Chapter Ten “Yeah, those are the only living bushes we have found around here,”Yi says contemplatively, “seems like they only grow around water sources.” “Um, what happened?

And why do I feel so sore?” She groaned, once again feeling the aching of her body protesting her to stop moving around too much. Leo came over and sat on the edge of her bed. His soft voice seemed to help her rest her agitated body composure. Justin walked in, smirking, “Hey, babe. Whatcha doin’ tonight?” I looked up and realized I’d slammed into Damia, Find Singles.

“Oops.” I said, my cheeks flushing in embarrassment. “College money…My family’s too dead with home debts and sooner-or-later my older sisters’s college funds.

” I woke up to my phone ringing, I reach down to grab it but it’s not my phone that’s ringing, I turn to see Will sleeping peacefully next to me, I poked him and said “Hey Will your phone is yelling at you to answer it” “And you accepted?” he asked.

“Arrgh, I can’t tonight, I’m supposed to go out for dinner with my aunt” I told him, regretting making plans with Marissa. “Hello,” I said awkwardly. They seemed to view me rather as a thing than a person, looking me up and down obviously, considering me. “Are you cool?” I asked narrowing my eyes “Are you cold?” I asked her, my words, though nice and friendly, as icy as possible.

I didn’t want her to think I actually liked her. However, my gentlemanly side just couldn’t be ignored. I let out a startled laugh and looked at him. “I was under the impression that you hated my guts.” I said.

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