Foreign Brides

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Foreign BridesHis footsteps were heavy thumps as he gave a fleeting look at the bed, but just as quickly, averted his eyes. She shut her own tightly, feeling the exact moment his gaze landed on her. “Won’t you need me?” “I might think that you love me,” she whispered, turning towards me, her blue eyes sweet, though filled to the brim with sorrow. Moisture in the form of a tear gathered at the inside corner of her eye, redness flooding through her. “Ya, well…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” “Yes, and so that our children can get to know each other better, Foreign Brides they can dance with each other!” Queen Marie was getting excited.

Oh no, this was not happening.

I was not dancing with that arrogant annoying, self centered, perfect boy. But what could I say? It would be rude to refuse a dance. I could only hope that he would have the guts to tell his father that he wasn’t dancing with me. I look back at him, unable to stop the waterfall, and then turn to the crow, Foreign Brides. I finger it in my hands, marveling at its beauty.

The same designs from before are etched on the sides, and the jewel glows with a beauty beyond measure. “Who is it?” Came his sleepy reply Wait…what?! Keep it cool Sea, he’s just trying to mess your head. “And if I wi, Foreign Brides…?” “Now I realize,” the other continued as if he hadn’t spoke, Foreign Brides. “She is actually a tempting prize…

The way her hips sway or that hair, so very dark and thick…

It would please me greatly to hear her scream in terror, to have her fight me.” Fucking try it. I nodded and took a sip of my milk. “I miss her,” I said finally.

“Not as much as I used to—it was harder at first—but I still miss her. Sometimes I just want to walk in after school and talk to her, you know?” “What would you like sweetheart?” asked the bartender He said. “Come on, we’ll go tell Finn it was just a misunderstanding.” “If we do not have troops in your land, you will declare war on us.” He announced.

“Therefore, we will not take our troops out.” You guys are my fans, and I trust your judgement to be totally loyal and in your best interest, and honestly, I like to write to please others, so if you guys want a hunky teacher to be Cassy’s mate, Foreign Brides then of course I’ll write that for you guys! So, if you guys have any suggestions besides the ones I put up there, please feel free to comment them below! Thanks guys! (:

Foreign Brides