Foreign Women

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Foreign WomenAs the cold embraces me with an intensity that is overwhelming, I suddenly am drawn to thoughts of a lance, elegant and strong with a sharp, pointy end. Almost instantaneously, my muscles clench, and the bonds fall like water from my shivering ski, Foreign Women. The pretty girl walked to my side, looking at Dex, Foreign Women then looking at all of us. She seemed to be debating on which person she wanted to stand by, seeking confirmation from her dad. He gave a slight tilt of the head, confirming her choice, and she halted beside my form. A huge smile was on her face as she looked at me, pure love in her gaze. “Hey how was the movies?” I asked “ Of course I have a mother, but she left couple months ago. I don’t know where she went, she probably ran off to be with another man, trying to fulfill some dream she once had. I’m not entirely sure, but I haven’t heard from her since she left, which was about three or four months ago. Not a phone call, message, letter… Nothing,” I stopped. I was starting to feel real damn crappy dude. I soon noticed, as my thoughts became more oriented and focused, that the beautiful hand was connected to an arm. Strong and wiry, it indicated that he worked out a lot. It was also tanned and freckled, with little hair, and was so ripped with muscles I almost gasped.

My eyes will not close this time. He wasn’t outside the house, either. I troop to the door leading to the garden, following her scent.

It is so sweet, so rich, like the finest of desserts.

I nearly lick my lips as I push the door open, hoping to see her in the grass, playing with a bird, and then smiling at the sight of me. “I’m sorry for hurting you,” she would say, “I really love you.” Then I would smile, and everything would be forgive, Foreign Women. “I need you to trust me on this, Gabriel. My pack is in danger, now I didn’t want to say this in front of them, but we’re outnumbered.

I need you to meet me at the pack house.” His sigh was indication that he probably wasn’t willing.

“It’s Will”

Foreign Women