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Free Christian DatingI sat up, “Hey, wait, how did you guys knew I was falling for him?” I don’t even know how Penny got to be my manager. She started when I was seventeen, my previous manager recently died in a car accident. I never liked her from the beginning, but she was the daughter of the owner of the record company I usually dealed with. I couldn’t fire her, or else she would go crying to her daddy and they would cut off everything from me. Penny was really quite young, only 27. ”nah dont worry men i wont, this is going to be fu, Free Christian Dating.” I wait a few minutes, lying flat on my back and staring straight into the sky. Not a star is up there, only true black, Free Christian Dating the same black that covers this entire landscape.

I have not seen true, natural light from the sky since we came here. Or maybe not. Charlie hadn’t moved closer to me and her eyes were wide as she just kept repeating those words over and over agai, Free Christian Dating. ‘Your pregnant.’ Sometimes it was loud and sometimes it was quiet and timid.

How could she find out so fast! Why did she have to find out at all. I wanted to keep this away from everyone.

I didn’t want anyone to see what Mikes filth had done to me. I know this baby had no fault in Mikes mistakes, but I wasn’t going to lie and say that this wasn’t hard. My breath comes in short gasps as I stare at the ground, at the water now dancing towards the drain, flooding past my feet. In one sudden movement, I force myself to meet their gaze, Free Christian Dating their questions. Though I also didn’t want to be present for the drama that was about to unfold.

I smiled, again, at that. I heard a chuckle from the bathroom door and looked over to find Dan leaning in the doorway, great. “You can’t just leave like that.” Dallas told me sternly

Free Christian Dating