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I grabbed her wrists and seperated her body forcefully from his, and accidently threw her on the ground. I was so mad, at everything.

At Griffin, for stealing my mate and thinking he could keep her. At Alex, for being so weak and finding comfort in someone else’s arms. Another male’s arms. He snarled and lunged at me, throwing me harshly on the ground on my back. He threw punches and landed a few good ones on my jaw and on my left eye. I threw him off of me and punched him in the throat, making him choke. I also punched his face a lot. I saw red. I wanted him dead. It was Ian’s first time standing beneath the males’ easy glowers. In his young mind, he couldn’t recall a time where he was close enough to be noticed, close enough to encounter the reactions the males inflicted in all. Awe-worth they were, standing tall, proud, and prevailing.

All the things Ian was not. “Haha your so funny Mason” I said. He still held me protectively. “I love you baby.” He whispered in my ear making me shiver in delight. He smirked and then pulled away. I nodded.

I was sending him death glares now, “Well, I never asked you to bring me here, did I? And I am not even enjoying it – not a bit.” “I told you,” Rico showed up at my side. “The man was practically drooling!” “Yes, ma’am!” He saluted with a gri, Free Cougar Dating. He ran up to us and tried to pry her of but it only hurt me more. “M’kay” I said while dragging Will with me “Who?” I asked. “We can both be laundry ladies” he whispered back then kissed her on the cheek “Hey guys, did you wake up-” Jaxon came along also…Great.

“Wow…” He was muttering only for the guys to hear. “Great view.” How am I going to get over this wall now? It isn’t like I can throw her over. cause damage to his head if he didn’t bloody well get out of my sight!” “WHAT?!” I exclaim, my interjection scaring even the birds away. He looks at me, his emerald eyes creasing in sorrow.

“Okay, you can stop now, Cinderella,” Sadie said sarcastically. She grabbed my face and started to powder it, leaving me sputtering and gasping for breath.

I even moved moved chunks of mud to look. I kept on remembering the aims that I did. ‘Be friends with Matt even if it kills you.’ I repeated to myself. I wanted to stay and beg, but that wouldn’t help. “C’mo, Free Cougar Dating.” I said “Happy New Year . . . errr, what should I call you?” I asked looking up at him.

Free Cougar Dating