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Marissa was sat on the floor in front of a small mirror straightening her hair. I could already tell she had a lot to drink as she was making a complete mess of it; the glass of wine next to her was a giveaway too, though. She had been going on quite a few dates lately, but I don’t think it was with the same guy. She had told me so many names this summer that it was hard to remember them all, and I wondered where she met them. No doubt she would be out until morning, which I was glad of. That way if I did decide to go all the way with Declan I could stay over at his without having to talk to her about it in the morning. Marissa was wearing a tiny black skirt, that she was way too old for, and a red sequin top that was low cut. Although I loved her dearly, and first thought that she was a self-respecting women trying to find love again, my mind had changed.

She had been dressing in less and less clothing, drinking much more, and speaking to me less. I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad; maybe if I hadn’t spent all summer with Declan and my friends she wouldn’t be this bad? But then again she’d gone years without me staying so I doubt it would have made a difference. I squeezed passed him and walked over to my closet.

My wallet had been lost in the fire, so my insurance company helped me with everything. My bank replaced my credit cards, my driver’s license was copied and sent to me, and I got money back for fire damage.

But I still had no car; I’d used public transportation to get back to my home tow, Free Phone Dating. “I. NEED. TO. BABYSIT.” I mocked Luke’s same tone. I froze.

What? I felt my cheeks heat up as everyone—Cash in particular—turned their eyes on me. I took a deep breath and clenched my fists in my lap to keep from tapping on the table.

“Yeah,” I said, pressing a Spider-Man Band-Aid onto his cheek. “Real sexy.” What?! Did you write an article about us? Ahhh…it’s been a while since the last time I’ve seen Carter smile. “That’s great to hear, kiddo.

” I kissed Carter on his forehead, walked away back to watch the football playoffs.

He handed a slip to the teacher and she blushed, signing it without even looking at it. “C-class, this is Damian Villai, Free Phone Dating.

Please warm give him a welcome.” I don’t even think she realized she said that wrong. The inside seems to get darker as I get increasingly nervous.


Yi? Wes? Griffin?

Free Phone Dating