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Free Singles SitesGriffin draws back in surprise, hurt in his eyes. I feel so disappointed. So guilty as he turns away. Oh oh oh… “I figured it out a while ago,” I said. “I just hoped you’d break up soo, Free Singles Sites.” “Mona, please,” he replies, his eyes gentle. “Don’t act so freaked out. They are all fine. And you weren’t unconscious for very long. It was only a few minutes. I was waiting for you to regain a little bit of your color back. You lost almost all of it when you saw me.” I glared at my phone for a minute, and then smirked.


” Chris face popped into view His eyes were searching mine frantically and I hardened them, “Andy, have I ever honestly let you pay? Now go in and enjoy your night out… Maybe get lucky for once.” Noah was a total hottie. He played a lot of sports (QB in the football team) and he was really smart.

He was also in the popular group and had a lot of girls drooling over him. It was weird seeing as he was really sweet, but had that bad boy look to him. He was 6’1 and also had raven black hair like me that was short. His eyes, oh boy. His eyes were a fascinating brow, Free Singles Sites. A perfect blend of caramel brown and black.

They always glistened in the light and whenever I looked at him I would melt inside because of how warm they looked.

One word to describe them would be; breathtaking.

Ooh and his body was another story. He had a 6 pack that made me drool wherever I stared at him. Basically he was the perfect package, and any girl would be lucky enough to have him as a boyfriend.

There’s something different about him; something I cannot place but also cannot ignore. His mere presence has caused a strange sickness to take over my body, huge quantities of irreversible damage inflicted as a result.

I have lost my mental health and good judgment; all because of a stupid boy. “What are you doing?

” I asked. “I haven’t challenged you yet.” I didn’t even want to think about that. “Nope. Uh-uh, I’m not even going to think about it.” I said stubbornly.

“ Stupid little freshman,” he whispered to me. It is at these moments when I realize just how powerless I really am. A good guy who just… didn’t want me the way I’d wanted him. “I don’t care if you lost your memories, I don’t care how you feel about me or Griffin,”he declares grandly, all the while focused on my ankle. “I’m taking you for myself.

” “Hey! Take back what you say.” Editing/Proofreading: Naiyomi Nieves

Free Singles Sites