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I gaped at Chloe, amazed. “Seriously?” I blushed furiously after he left, rubbing my hand where it tingled. I limped back into the kitchen and sat down at the table, thanking Linda as she set a plate of breakfast in front of me. “You seem a bit flustered dear. Is there something wrong?

” Linda asked me. “You okay?” he asked, his lips only a few inches above my left ear, sending a chill down my spine.

Today was a fairytale!” I sang loudly as the song came to a close.

Jake looked at me, and I stared back coldly. “Jason, seriously, where are we?” I asked, groaning a little. I leaned in a little, until our lips was just an inch away. I looked at the edge of his jaw a little and I could feel my wolf jumping on the inside.

This time Jason closed the inch and our lips met. “Well, you wanted to, you were thinking about it. That’s not far off from it happening.” He said in a husky voice and leaned even further across the table.

He sent shivers down my spine and made my stomach tie itself in knots.

I took a few breaths and tore my eyes away from his, although I could still feel them on my face. “Don’t leave me,” she repeated, holding on to my arm with a viselike grip, slumping suddenly, crumpling to the ground, and laying prostrate on the cold floor. Good thing there were no students in this hallway.

Where was the nurse’s office? An emotion flooded through me, burning like liquid fire, scouring my bones, hurting horribly. I realized that I was scared.

“But we didn’t hit her!” one of Sidney’s girls exclaims, almost as if she did nothing wrong. When I was a few steps away from my locker, he grabbed me and pushed me against the lockers. Heey that hurt! He looked at me and practically yelled at me saying “What the hell was that in the lunch room?” What the fuck? “Uhm that was me hugging someone.

” Anger was clearly shown in his eyes as so was some other emotions that I couldn’t clearly make out. “Is he your boyfriend?

” when he asked that his hands were tightening around mine. I pulled back and said “That’s none of your business” “Back the fuck away from mine, Derik,” Nick sneered, eyes locked on Beth with a predatory glint.

Mine his Vamp sneered right back, Free Singles the glint fueling his blood-hunger, urging him to cover her from the onlooker’s eyes. “Ok!” I bobbed my head furiously.

“Thank you, Rico!”

Free Singles