Girl Asian

Chinese Evening out

Girl Asian

He looks at me with a inexplicable expressio, Girl Asian. “You should forget about him, Mona. He won’t last long here. None of them will.” “So you’re going to leave my pack alone?” I asked him, my voice and eyes guarded.

“ Evian,” I gasped. “ Your girlfriend is a real piece of work,” And I continued to laugh.

‘Yeah, why?’ I said, looking confused.

‘Selma told me to sit here, I thought it was fine. It isn’t?’ “Lissa, listen to me a second,” Chloe said. “I don’t think this is a good idea, okay? When you started this, it was just about ending the rivalry. About making the boys stop acting like idiots.

All we were doing was withholding sex. Yeah, sometimes it was funny and a little conniving, but it wasn’t cruel.

Now some of the other girls are taking it further, like you told them, and that kind of worries me anyway, but what you’re considering is… Well, it’s pretty fucked up. Withholding is one thing; messing with Cash’s head that way is a whole new issue.

You’re not just saying ‘no,’ you’re playing a serious mind game.” “ Well… eh yes I am,” I said smirking.

I died a little bit on the inside. “Don’t you dare pull my hair.” I heard Lexi snarled at him “Coming!” I yelled back Sure it was, I wanted to snap. But of course what came out of my mouth was completely different.

“It’s all right.

” I cleared my throat.

“Did you need something, Cash?” “Hey, I’m busy. I have basketball practice. No time to read The Great Gatsby or whatever. Plus, I pay her. That makes it ethical.

” Riley laughed and ran upstairs to dress for school. I grabbed my keys to my shiny black Porsche Mirage GT. I grabbed my bag and ran out, only to stop when I realized, leaning against my car, was Damia, Girl Asian. He grinned at me and pushed off of my car. “Hi, Cat. I’m here to catch a ride with you to school, maybe you can show me around.

The pack has to stay together, so we’ll be going to the same school.

We’ve done it before.

Oh and-“ he paused, pulling me into him, pressing his lips under my ear in a small kiss. “-I like the outfit.” He whispered.

Girl Asian