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Girls DatingWe just muttered a off key, “PSHH…N-no!” ”alex dont tell me you did this again?”asked lexie “There will come a person equal to a werewolf and a Spier, who also possesses an ability like no other, leading a complete pack, bound together by loyalty and friendship. They will defeat the red-eyed wolf, not without losing one of their own on the journey, and another will come to take his place. Through discord and strife they will travel, friendships and relationships forgotten, but they will succeed, destroying the red stone and vanquishing Shifters once and for all. Then the werewolves will vanish into the mist, Girls Dating their purpose served, for one cannot exist without the other.

” To try and pass the time while both walking and running, I practice making weapons. After lots of experimenting, I have figured out that the weapons won’t hurt tangible people, but will affect the world around us. I was scared to try it before, but now I realize it is necessary for both our survival and for an even higher purpose that none of us may even realize yet. Already I get the feeling in my heart that we are supposed to be traveling towards the water, because the water is close to the castle.

And the castle is the key to everything…

at the center of the uncertainty.

I smirked.

“That was how you were supposed to react.” He smiled, eyes not crawling over me as they did on Sadie and Lou. He just kept his eyes on my face, which, strangely, comforted me. I guess, though, it was because I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans while Sadie was wearing a short dress that showed off her legs and shoulders.

“You want to try again?” he asked, and I shook my head. Once again, no one said anything, “Really guys? Really? Fine. I’ll do it but I’m not doing it Uhhhhhhh, I think I might cry. She knows as much of my secrets as Dallas does.

Girls Dating