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Why did he have so much power over me? It wasn’t positive power, that was for sure, but power nevertheless. I suddenly felt him stand very close to me. I turned around and faced him. He didn’t say anything, just ran a finger over my cheek. “Hey,” Cash said, brushing past me (deliberately, I was sure) on his way to the exit. “Everything okay? Do you need a ride?” “Ha, ha, very funny.” He rolled his eyes at me. “Maybe I choose not to study just so I have more room in my brain for Lissa Facts.

Ever thought of that? I mean, knowing your favorite color and your lucky number is going to be way more useful to me than the periodic table or, you know, basic multiplicatio, Girls.” He was about to answer before Ashley cut him off, “Jealous bitch?

” “Are you going to crush me if I am holding the football?

” I asked, crossing my arm. The nurse just gave me some pain killers and then told me I could go back to class.

I got up and walked to my locker first and grabbed an extra pair of clothes. I walked to the bathroom, changed, and then walked to my last period of the day; study hall. When I got there everyone who was in my previous gym class came up to me and asked me if I was okay. I told them I was. Then I left and sat down on the couch where no one was at. I took out a cup from my bag and spit the pain killers out. “I’m going to miss you,” I whispered, gulping back the lump in my throat and trying to fight back tears. ME: Yeah! Leslie laughed “Burn” I couldn’t help but laugh either We walked all of the way home without talking to each other.

I felt like I want to talk to him, but I can’t find the courage to. A low growl reverberated off the walls and Beth’s breath caught in her throat, eyes fluttered shut. A shiver ran over her skin just at the sound.

It was his and she wanted it, his lips along her skin, everywhere, on her –. Ian spoke up. “No way!!!!” He said, “I will never sleep on the sofa. Not in a million years!!!” “I need to finish some homework.

” I gave his shoulder a quick, reassuring squeeze to let him know I wasn’t pissed—this embarrassment wasn’t entirely his fault; Kyle had been the one to start it, really—before scooping up my tray and edging around the table, heading to the front of the cafeteria so I could dump my barely touched food and hurry away from the madness. “ I am,” I said. Gino and Eric looked confused, and Alan sat two steps down looking away from me. I pointed to both my side.