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School was packed with people everywhere I looked. They were leaning on walls talking, doing tricks on skateboard, or chatting each other up. I sighed as I walked through, and couldn’t help but think of the first day I met Decla, Good Free Dating Sites. Just like this there were people all around me, but I was still on my ow, Good Free Dating Sites. Pulling out my phone I sent him a quick text. It didn’t say much, just that I missed him. “No, we are just going to play a little hide and seek,” I sigh, casting her a glance to see if she bought it. Danae dubiously returns the look. I sighed “Fine let’s just get to the…what’s it called?” “I wouldn’t lose hope with her just yet,” Yi responds, Good Free Dating Sites then a heavy silence fills the air. I listen for another second, but nothing happens.

I heard enough anyways, I guess. They all look at each other, and then simultaneously nod. “But we’re behind you all the way!” Wes pumps his fist in the air, “right, guys?” “Are you two, like, dating or, like, something?” Asked the most annoying voice EVER An unfathomable expression flickers across Ray’s face. He blinks a few times and then turns his head as if to shake himself out of something.

When he looks back at me, he is gently smiling, making the past few moments seem like a mirage.

“Okay, well remember you have packing to do.” “Please,” he begged, his voice melting like syrup through my ears. His begging sounded so delicious, so tempting, “Please move o, Good Free Dating Sites.” I smiled and looked up into his dark brown eyes. Gabriel stared down at Blair as her eyes stopped flickering and returned to their normal hue, “You okay?” He asked her as he rolled off of her and pulled her on top of him. ∞∞∞ “Yeah, yeah, I know. I just have a headache, that’s all.” I choke back a laugh as I realize my plan is working perfectly. “Aw, that’s too bad,” I force a pout to my lips, “where did he go? Maybe I could meet him.” “Awww, she remembered.” Dallas cooed pinching my cheeks Two girls right next to me were exchanging whispers.

“Louise, isn’t this class boring?

” Is this heaven? “ I can’t believe that’s a girl,” one of them laughed. I narrowed my eyes at him, and they all started laughing.

Their car roared to life, and they started to drive away. I knelt down and picked up a rock, and chucked it at their back window. CLUNK!


“You just killed those Shifters, Mona. I don’t know if you are yourself anymore. It seems like your entire personality has changed.”

Good Free Dating Sites