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Gorgeous Asian LadiesWait. Scratch that. “Well,” I began ‘thinking’, “you became a bitch.” I snapped at my own mother, yes, ‘mother’. “Will you come with us to Moonlight?” I invite, imagining the scenario.

They would throw everything they got at Mona, shifting their hate from me to her. Especially since her appearance is lacking a little. However, I really want her by my side, to be close to the sweet smell that attacks my senses. “No. Have you?” He asked coldly “What?!” Taylor’s face turned into a mixture of shock and confusio, Gorgeous Asian Ladies.

“Challenge accepted.

” His expression dimmed a little. “So I can’t have my own house?” “Who did that to you?” I growled out, losing control.

I was trembling, and she swallowed, but cringed when she did. That’s it! I grabbed her arm-very gingerly-and took her outside in the hall. We hid in a secluded corner then the bell rang. We waited a few more minutes just to be safe. It was my obsession with Dex. He had obliterated all of my possible love interests, only leaving him to dream about. I knew that if Dex didn’t exist, I would have probably gone out with Peter. He was a very handsome guy, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. All the girls liked him, so I would probably be really popular also. “I don’t have a clue about what?” Chapter 1 – School Here I Come (Part 1) “He knows nothing.

” I lied. Aaron started releasing his grip on me. When he dropped me I grabbed onto his neck, pulling him along with me. He suddenly whirled on her, she squealed and ran into the ‘Wash hands’ room and he ran after her “Very pretty,” a low, silky smooth voice emits, almost a song in itself. It awakens me from my daze, and the mysterious, beautiful utterance vanishes from my throat, as if it truly doesn’t belong there.

“It meant that we’re extremely attracted to each other.

” He shrugged as if it meant nothing. “See, Ian?” a voice hissed in her ear…or her head…she couldn’t tell but she could make out a male, crouching beside her body. It was him agai, Gorgeous Asian Ladies.

Somehow she knew this male, this male who she feared with everything in her. His eyes glowed something evil and she knew, she knew with everything in her that this male had been the one to hurt her. This male still yearned to. “You are incapable of surviving even a bit of pai, Gorgeous Asian Ladies. How are you to even fight, boy? How are you to survive at all?”

Gorgeous Asian Ladies