Gorgeous Chinese Women

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Gorgeous Chinese WomenHe raised an eyebrow. “For what?” “Chicken,” Ali taunted, eyes glittering mischievously over the rim of his glass as he took a drink. “Place me in your heart,” she whispered. Her eyes full of hope, veiling carefully her true emotions of hate and revenge, pierced through me. At that moment, Serena almost seemed…


Her long brown hair rippled in the soft, flowing breeze, her dress shimmering as she shifted to meet my gaze. I opened my mouth to argue that I was so not like Jenna, but Cash turned those green eyes on me and I felt myself start to melt a little. I shook my head, laughing against my better judgment.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry Sienna” She whispered shaking her head. I tried to give her a soft smile, not really sure whether or not I succeeded until Christan returned the smile. I took my braid from its bun and laid down, burying my face in one pillow and cuddling the other to my chest.

I soon fell asleep that way. I heard the phone ringing to me and my sister’s favorite song. I wanted to miss the call just to listen to the song but I was pretty sure of getting a schooling from her. I murmur a groan and pick up the cell and clicked on the green logo. “Hello?” “Periods almost over. Would you like to do this now or later?

” Coach asked “Mommy! Mommy!

I beat Daddy in soccer!

” Laughing, Taylor swooped down and picked up Alex, placing a kiss on his cheek.

Now back to the story; What’s going to happen at prom? Maybe some major things you wont want to miss hehe till next time byee 🙂 “No.” Dex answered for Lou, shooting her a smile in apology. “Everyone knows that you won the contest, so everyone will also know that I will be with you a lot… it would never work, anyways.

I’d have to watch you have all the fu, Gorgeous Chinese Women.” he grinned.

I heard and felt him sigh. “I know. He won’t get near you though, I promise.” He said. I nodded, looking out the window again, “It’s whatever. I knew he was a player but…I don’t know.” I bite my bottom lip, leaning my head against the window “WOAH! Nice Ethan is pissed!

” Eric shouted.

Aiko was laughing by this time, “You can kick that boy in the nuts and he won’t cry. Steal one piece of his popcorn and he will kick YOU need the nuts!”

Gorgeous Chinese Women