Gothic Dating

Particular Russian Gals

Gothic DatingI got up and rolled my eyes when my back is to her. I got out of the office and I sighed. It was finally Sadie’s wedding day. “ Evian?

” I muttered out of breath. He turned around started.

“Don’t call me that ever agai, Gothic Dating.” He boomed.

“ I don’t know… Maybe…” He shrugged.

I stood up and started to laugh. I squeal than hide my face in Will’s chest “OH MY GOD, how come she’s not turning around!?

” and I squeal again when I hear the chick scream “Here.” he said, “Don’t open them yet.” He again said nothing.

Betrayal Tears began to spill down my cheeks.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d ever been this happy. “What the hell is your problem?!

You know you’re fat and you have to admit it yourself.

You fat fatty.” I said, smiling at myself. I wanted to see her face, how she’ll set her jaw stubbornly and her eyes will turn defiant, how her perfect eyebrows will raise as if to say “you can’t seriously be trying to control me!” and her delicate hands will ball into fists at her sides.

She was beautiful when she was angry; it was only second to when she was happy. Her smile could light the room. Her eyes could shine like stars. “Let’s not talk about Yi,” Wes dismisses after a long, awkward silence, “tell her about the club, Jake.” I held onto the stair case railing, praying that I couldn’t fall. “Why can’t you or Derik feed her? Oh aye, you’re a selfish bastard and never allow any other to take from your vein but what’s Derik’s excuse…?

” I blink, wondering if I had heard him right. “Thirty-two years?” I squeak, my voice barely above a whisper.

Even now, as we casually walk down the hallway, people are staring at him, gossiping about the new senior that is sizzling hot. I had already mixed everything together so all I had to do now was put it in his hair wait ten minutes and everything would be good. I slid on my gloves and squirted some dye out in my hand and rubbed it in Shane’s dirty blonde hair that he loved so much. I squirted the rest of the dye in my hand and massaged Shane’s scalp.

Thank god he was a heavy sleeper so it wasn’t that hard to get revenge.

By tomorrow morning his hair that he cared so much about would be blue with pink highlights in them. “It would be better off if they lived together, don’t you agree?” a woman’s voice said. I figure it was Jason’s mom.

Gothic Dating