Granny Women

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Granny WomenI wrap my arms around my knees, burying my face into my legs as the ghost once again zooms my way. This, I suppose, is my punishment for disobeying Xavier’s orders. But how was I supposed to know there is a way out of the boundaries without crossing the moat?! “You guys go I’ll stay behind” said George “It’s beautiful.

” I whispered. “Have you met her?” He asked me. Up till now I had not lied to him. I decided that this was not a good time to start. “What”? He asked groggily.

“Not technically.” I said, rolling my eyes at him as I continued eating. I curse that phone.

‘Right! Lets get back to class-‘ A small smile returned to her face and she looked out at the ocea, Granny Women. “There is something is not told in the history of wolves.

” She said. “When I was so lonely, I asked the greatest God of all, Granny Women the God who created us, if I could create a creature who could see me as I was. He told me that I could only create these creatures, if I created a natural predator and prey for them. It was only natural that I accepted. These creatures were vampires. They worshipped me like you do, but they are natural enemies of you.” She explained.

Silence reigns in the room for a few seconds. Ulysses and Gizelda are nodding their heads in agreement.

Pure dread enters me, shocking my entire body. They are going to terminate me. you see the story is that my dad is a race track racer one of the best of his time, he gave me and my mom tickets to go see him in the championships 2 years ago. we were so excited it was the first time i saw him racing live. when he started racing in his 3rd lap a car crashed behind him, and with the speed he was going he couldn’t control the wheel, his car flipped 3 times and not sooner and later the car was burning, i couldn’t believe my eyes he died right in front of me. i didn’t notice i was shivering until nick got up and hugged me tight. “Andy, nice to finally actually meet you. Your friend Charlie had told my friend James so many good things about you. Personally I see none, but please, join me for an awkward blind date.” Tight lipped he motioned to the seat across from him. I picked my jaw up off the ground and slumped into the seat looking directly into his eyes. “ Is Corey coming?

” Someone asked.

I slowed down, and stood next to one of the lockers so I could hear them talking.

Granny Women