Hairy Asian Women

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Hairy Asian WomenAll he knew about was being a careless asshole! Anger clouding her brain, she stomped up to him until they were close enough that their noses would have been touching were it not for the height difference. Behind her anger was embarrassment, because he was so much more intimidating than her, but she brushed the pesky emotion off. Arrogant green eyes bored into her blue blazing ones as they challenged each other. “ I’ll talk to you guys later…

I got to get my sister home,” Clay said saying sister longest. I turned back and saw the shocked exspression on their faces, and I gave them a smug look and got in the car. He got in and we started to drive. “Hey, hey!” Chloe raised a hand to silence me. “We do not Large brown eyes are set in a wrinkled, sagging face, with thin lips and a pointy nose. Her smooth gray hair is in a bun, and her small, three-foot form is adorned with a simple dress and apro, Hairy Asian Women.

She looks like a perfect, yet miniature grandmother. I heard a doorbell and I ran downstairs, as I open the door I was shocked that in front of me Mom, Dad, Nin, Nick’s parents and NICK! “Hey big sister! I miss you so much!” Nin shouted full of happiness.

I just smiled and hug her including mom and dad. “Hey Nikki, aahh! I have a task for you and Nick” said dad. “huh?” I mumbled. “Do you remember our house near the lake? We used to go camping there when you and Nick were both kids” dad reminded.

“Yes? Why?” I asked. Mom smiled including Nick’s parents, I kind of wondered and curios about their actions; Nick on the other hand just remain silent. “You’ll know why dear, but for now prepare the things that you need because tonight you’ll go there” mom smiled.

Without any questions I walked upstairs into my bedroom and grab some personal and important things, unfortunately that house of ours beside the lake has no signal and no internet connection! Now that he’s back I’m planning of not talking to him anymore! Yes I love him but I don’t want to be hurt agai, Hairy Asian Women.

As I’m in the middle of packing my things in my closet I heard a clearing throat behind me and I don’t need to turn around because I know its mom. “Nikki?” she started.

“Yep?” I replied.

“We just wanted you to have fun there with Nick” she smiled. If only she knew what did Nick did to me. “Hey honey, Nick talked to us and he wanted to spend time with you” she smiled.

“hmm” I just nodded as a sign of hearing her. After I finished packing my things, mom and I walked downstairs. “Bye dad!” I bid.

Hairy Asian Women