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Hot Asian American WomenI was coming home from a football game. My girlfriend at the time, Melanie. I opened the door and went up to my room. “He seems to have succeeded.” Derik said. “Wonderful, now we don’t have to hold onto the bags.” Maria said. We had done mud baths and massages, facials and pedicures.

We went to the hot tub and sun tanned. The whole time though I could not bring my mind out of it’s thoughts.

Chris was sorry, for buying gas? He was sorry for not being there sooner?

The question was though, why was he there in the first place? I turned to look at Charlie, we were back in the hot tub after our massage, just being lazy and sitting around before we had to go. Ian came violently, pumping into her as a deep sound ripped from his throat and his vision flashed a dangerous white.

His entire body vibrated with it, on and on until his mind went into overload, arms pulling her flush against him, practically begging for the feel of her softer, smaller frame depending on his. Places appear before me randomly.

The werewolf mansio, Hot Asian American Women. My orphanage.

My school.

Strange valleys, and creeks, and towering mountains that I have never seen before. LYA MB x “The bathroom with her nurse,” a melodious voice erupted, spiking recognition inside my chest.

I felt my jaw drop as the man I had never expected to be here emerged from the crowd, crossing to my side. She grinned and closed her eye, inhaling deeply. The thought brings a smile to my face, and I cut my eyes to the overhead mirror. Scanning the area, I make sure I am completely alone on the dirt pathway, with no buildings or cars in sight.

The trees are sparse, though towering over the grass and shrubs.

Surely there is no one hiding around here. Micheal smiled and nodded, “Yeah, just about.” He said and gave her a peck on the lips before putting her down, she was at least a foot smaller than Micheal. Such a contradiction between the biker looking man and a little angel.


” “No, actually.” “Would you rather do it outside?”He stares at me piercingly, a smirk on the edge of his lips. We stopped walking and I was dying to open my eyes. *Okay skip to last class with Mrs. Fianna all they did was have regular boring class but Austin and Chad always got in trouble with every single teacher* “Are we there, yet?” I asked.

“Well, I’m soaking wet.” She retorted glaring even harder-if that’s possible *Lissa* “Yeah, yeah. Everything is fine … Just come home, ok?” she asks.

Hot Asian American Women