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Hot Asian AmericanI am currently in alex bed waiting for him to come home. When i first enter his room, i was shock i mean his room is all organized and tidy up. He has red paint walls all his furniture is black and he has one wall full of movies, boy he was not kidding of collecting movies not being his hobbie. Well i wanted to have a little fun with this little arrangement that were having for tonight to see if big guy can control himself. shit if i was a guy and i see a girl wearing a sports bra and boy boxers on top of my bed i dont think i will help my self. yep that right i am currently wearing a sports bra and boy boxers. when suddenly alex door is opening up so i pretended to be asleep.

Swarmed with reporters, I tried to edge my way home. “Oh” Christan suddenly called, her hand moving to her stomach. Jackson shook his head at me, “Dude, remember Carter’s in the room…” “Umm,” I said and everyone turned to me, but they were still giggling and talking, “excuse me, this is the bathroom and I’m planning to take – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed.

What are you doing, Eve? I scolded myself quickly. Peter was not, COULD not be a replacement for the man I was imagining. Suddenly a hard rock pounds against her shoulder.

She gasps in pain, her shoulder throbbing from the impact. with my heart on a trigger.

“Oooow, I bet Declan will love that!” Alicia said standing next to me looking in the mirror. Chapter 3 – Movie Theater.

“You know what just go to the hotel first.” Jason said tiredly and lean back on his seat. “Hello” he answered I shivered as he kissed the side of my neck sensually.

Then he let go and started walking towards the door. Leaving me in a daze. “ You know the woods a couple blocks up right?” I asked.

He nodded his head. “ We are going to go there,” I smiled. Those awful berries. “ A girl like you wouldn’t know that,” Alan said. “That’s what you get.” I said, grinning.

“Ha. You might have better luck with a whore, actually. Me? You couldn’t pay me to bang you agai, Hot Asian American. Dick’s too minuscule to keep a lady satisfied.

Come on, Lissa.

” She took hold of my wrist and pulled me toward the cafeteria.

Hot Asian American