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Hot Asian ChicksBlair shrugged, “Great minds think alike.” She said as she reached into the closet and grabbed two .22s, putting one in the waistband of her leather pants on her lower back and the other in a shoulder holster. Walking into the bathroom she brushed her teeth, waited for Gabriel to do the same before walking out of the room and down the stairs into the large kitchen where her whole family had gathered.

The patio doors were open wide to let in the cool night air. I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted, “GO JASON!” Blair could barely breathe as Gabriels blood coursed through her. The vamp had come out to play, but he wasn’t who she wanted to play with. Slowly Blair looked up at Gabriel and unable to hold the Slayer back he came out of her eyes in a black mist and entered Gabriel through his mouth. Gabriel closed his eyes for a brief second, when he opened them they were no longer his own but the swirling red of the Slayers, he pinned her with his stare.

Finally, now they could play. My eyes slowly drifted closed as pain clenched my heart. I hadn’t wanted him to know. Linsay laid in her large bed waiting for the guard with their nightly report.

Sighing, she turned on her side. She would find out what all the celebrating was about. the night was filled with happy voices, laughter, and music.

It was irritating, all that noise, “My queen we know why the creatures of the woods are celebrating.

” Sam shook both hands and said to me “Nice to meet you and your name is…” We walked towards each other and pulled me into a big affectionate bear hug. “How long’s it been, Cat? Has to have been three years, right?” he asked when he set me dow, Hot Asian Chicks. “Now Mona,” Xavier gently chastises, “let’s not make fun of others…

” Yeah, I think inwardly, probably you didn’t realize how ugly I am until now. “Disappointed?

” I ask scornfully.

The car stopped in front of the house and outside the house, Hot Asian Chicks there is another car. “Kayde, Hot Asian Chicks.” I whispered “No…a tramp, that was what you called them.” She said. “All right,” I sighed.

“But just for a glass of wine!” “Never mind” then whispered to Alex “What the hell is that dude wearing?

” “I love you, Natha, Hot Asian Chicks.” I whispered. He smiled.

“It was hot.” I said

Hot Asian Chicks