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Hot Asian DateI got out of bed and reached behind me to undo my braid, and realized that my hair was a huge curly mess. I groaned and walked into the bathroom to assess the damage. It was worse than I expected, my hair was sticking up everywhere, wild curls stood around my face, and my hair was a giant frizz ball. I grabbed a hairbrush and started working my way through it, complaining to myself as I did it. Amazingly happy. “What?” I asked, looking at James. I was about to say the school when I noticed who i am talking to. ‘Wait, why would I tell a stranger?

‘ I said. “Here.” Ellen placed her backpack on the table and unzipped it. After a few seconds of digging, she pulled out a new issue of Cosmo and tossed it onto the table. “It’s the sex-tips issue. Includes a nice list of all the things we can’t do. We can swear on it.” My mother…

I mean the bitch cleared her throat, bringing me back to reality.

Stinking reality. “Eat your supper and go to bed.” My father was furious.

“It’s a day before the peace talks! What goes on in your mind?” I didn’t say anything. “Rich bitch,” Chloe muttered when we walked into the room. Eve’s face, streaked with tears, made me want to pull her into a hug. However, Hot Asian Date the sad thing about it was that I couldn’t. If I tried, it would only make things worse.

Kayden smiled politely, looking shocked and shook her hand. Then she turned to me. “Let’s go to bed.” He suggested Like this, she could deal, as long as he didn’t leave her. “It’s…okay, baby…” arms encased her in the warmth and she thought she made a happy little noise because, despite the pain, she was completely happy there. She belonged in those arms, and that was all she was sure of to a point. “Just…don’t…” static blocked the rest out. “Just…be okay…” ‘Remember what I said Andy. You wouldn’t want me to put Chris in the hospital agai, Hot Asian Date.

He might not survive this time. – Mike xx’ I walked in on them having sex and you want to know what she said? “He was ringing all night when you went to bed, I ignored it because I didn’t know if you would want to talk to him or want me to.” He said stroking my hair agai, Hot Asian Date.

Not a minute passed before the phone rang and Declan’s number came up agai, Hot Asian Date.

“No.” Blair replied with a disgusted look on her face, “What would posses you to ask a slayer such a question?” “I have to see him. I have to talk to him.” I shake my head, and then deliberately turn away from Griffin for the millionth time. “I’ll find that guard. He will tell me where he is.”

Hot Asian Date