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Hot Asian WivesOH, GREAT!!! A DATE COMING RIGHT UP!!! I thought. “Oh, uh, I didn’t have anything to wear when I took a shower earlier today, so I, uh, kinda borrowed your clothes,” Taylor spoke softly.

He nodded once before turning his face towards the door. Every time she spoke softly, he felt sorry for her. She seemed so innocent, so human, that it almost hurt Leo to see the panic in her eyes. ‘Don’t hurt our mate! Love her, treat her nicely! ’ His inner wolf roared out. He mentally replied, ‘I’m not hurting her! I just asked a question! ’ ‘No, you asked a question that deliberately made her feel awkward!

She was scared to see your reaction! You HAD to be mean to our mate!’ his inner wolf replied. Before he could defend himself once more, he looked at her. She did seem kinda upset, scared eve, Hot Asian Wives. Her body language said it all. Her body was practically screaming to run the hell outta there.

She was nervous, practically dropping things, but it didn’t seem that she noticed.

Finally, he smelled the delicious aroma of the pasta. His stomach grumbled, but she hadn’t heard. Taylor asked Leo if he wanted pasta, which he replied to with a nod. Eating the pasta, he studied Taylor.

Now that he thought about it, she was actually quite pretty. Her soft brown hair was straight down, a little past her shoulders, and her face consisted of high cheekbones, luscious pink lips, and beautiful brown eyes. She was way more beautiful than his ex. Taylor seemed to have noticed he was staring, and began squirming in her seat before giving up. He grinned slyly before hearing her angelic voice in his mind, ‘Whatever, he can just stare at me all he wants.

I’m used to those stares. Not like I haven’t got them before. That’s what happens when you’re an outcast.

’ Hearing this, Leo became enraged.

‘How dare people think she’s an outcast? She’s beautiful!’ His wolf was starting to take over his emotions, but he controlled them in time. By the time he’d noticed, she’d gotten up and was washing the dishes.

He left his plate there and, with lightning werewolf speed, he raced to the bathroom to wash his hands before coming back. Taylor was getting his plate now. He stood behind her, her smell intoxicating him. MARRIAGE?!

“Later on, I will give you a real kiss”. Neil whispered in my ear. It made me blush a bright red. “Why not?” He asked shrugging But not Peter.

Hot Asian Wives