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Hot Asian

Gabriel looked over and saw his mother, Nike, standing by the door, “What happened to Micheal?” “ I aint no bet hunny,” I said smirking. He looked completely pissed, and I saw the rage in his eyes. “You’re stupid,” she whispered to me. I growled and then I saw her lips curl into a little smile.

She came to me and touched my face softly, sending tingles and warming up my body. She got a sneaky smile on her beautiful face, and she put her finger up to her full lips and pursed them, saying, “shh…” and led me out the door. No one noticed, because they were too busy on helping out Iva, Hot Asian. “Excuse me?” “What?!” Ray asks furiously, “we can’t!” “ Listen, Liz,” I started off smiling, but I was pissed. “ Me and your boyfriend, Evian, we are friends, and we are going to continue to hang out and talk. If you got a problem with that,” I stopped poking her shoulder. “ Then you can,” And I poked her shoulder harder, and winked at her. “ You can just fuck off,” I smirked.

The look on her face was priceless!

Then the next thing I knew, Hot Asian the crazy girl punched me in my face! Well she attempted… I stepped back gawking at her. Her face went from confident to scared shitless after she realized what she did. I brought my fist up, smashing it into her face, and a cry came from her lips and she stumbled back. “ If you’re going to attempt to punch me, learn how to do it right,” I hissed. She sat on the ground holding her face, and she looked up at me her nose bleeding.

I shook my head walking past her, and I felt her hand wrap around my ankle, and I stumbled forward, Hot Asian then she jumped up and jumped on my back pulling at my hair. I fell forward, and she landed on top of me. I grunted and turned once agai, Hot Asian. Without Alex here the bed felt scratchy and too hard. They all thought that I needed some nights rest in order to think clearly, but clearly, it wasn’t fucking working! I couldn’t sleep without Alex right here, in my arms. Damn, I should’ve killed all those rouges when I had the chance!

But I’m too damn nice. We had an agreement. They don’t cross our territory, and we don’t don’t cross theirs, and then all of a sudden-BAM! Sudden kidnapping.

Stupid sons of bitches. They know exactly who their messing with. Jenna said, “He’s moving—” Then we watch the whole 5 movies of Pirates Of The Caribbean till 8pm then Will brings out the scary movies

Hot Asian