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Hot Beautiful AsianHe took my hand and very slowly walked me over and I took a little turn before he turn my shoulders. “Mommy, why are you and daddy not married anymore? ” My son, well dream son, Sean, asked me. What are you suppose to say to a little 4 year old? I threw my arms around Jason, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! Oh my God, this is the best birthday present ever!” “Your mother has the key so she unlocked the door and I carried you to the plane.

” he said that last part louder and smirked. I rolled my eyes. Maybe if I didn’t throw away the ring, I would have never felt like this? Maybe if I made a longer speech about Jason at the Night of Engagement, he wouldn’t do this to me. Maybe if I brought him a promise ring too, he would be happy.

Maybe if I didn’t nearly gotten myself killed, Jason wouldn’t have acted like he is annoyed at me. Maybe if I never changed myself into a werewolf, I didn’t have to worry about what to do And it was like a bucket of ice-water had been dumped over his head as everything went straight to the Fifth Realm. “I have no idea.” Nathan confessed.

“ Stop touching me,” I growled walking around him. Later That Night… Ah, yes, Hot Beautiful Asian the Wolven Goddess. Legend has it that she still lives today, she resides in the body of a werewolf.

No one knows who it will be. She created wolves.

I’ve read hundreds of ancient history books, forbidden to be seen by human eyes, which say the Wolven Goddess was born from the spirit of two wolves. Her powers were so great that no human could see her, lest they surely die. So she decided, because she was so lonely, to create a being like her, only in human form. She called him, Linsahamo. He could run at speeds, unknown to humans, and could see in pitch black darkness, but his greatest power of all, was his ability to transform into a wolf, twice the size of a regular wolf. She made a female for Linsahamo that she called his ‘mate.’ How come so many Shifters have appeared out in the open, without seeking to possess any inanimate objects?

How come everything in this area is dead, dark and devoid of any type of civilization? “So, is this a date then?” He asked whispering into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

“Well, at least you’re a poet. That’s some consolatio, Hot Beautiful Asian.” I punched him in the arm and walked towards the fridge then suddenly he grabs me by the waist and I freeze because he hasn’t done that since the accident Lap nine.

Hot Beautiful Asian